Summer Solstice Brings Seasonal Menu Updates to Guardian

Happy Summer Solstice and longest day of the year, all. We’re excited to debut our new summer menu today! (Click on the “menu” tab above to see it.) With all of the beautiful, seasonal fruits and vegetables available now in Michigan, Chef Dan Noonan has a lot of fresh produce to work with! We also have a new 3,500 square foot patio with full-service to enjoy year round.

Here are some of the highlights from our new menu:

“Nuts, Berries, and Seeds” is a new salad featuring Mud Lake lettuce, strawberries, goat cheese, almond candy, pumpkin and sesame seeds

Our “Elote Chicken Salad” sandwich is reminiscent of the flavors found in Elote (Mexican Street Corn)…which screams summer in my book, having lived in Colorado

The “LGBTQ” sandwich has lettuce, guacamole, bacon, tomato, and queso fresco

We have new wings! Enjoy our chef’s take on classic hot wings with house-made hot sauce and Ranch

Our “BBQ Beef” brisket sandwich features Pegacorn Porter slow roasted beef topped with house-made blueberry porter BBQ sauce (Pair this with the Vanillacorn Porter – it’s amazing.)

Little Town Jerky Sticks and house-made mustard are back!

Thanks again, all, for your continued support. We love being here and look forward to sharing more with you as we lean into our property updates.

Slainte! ~ Kim and Kate

As seasons change, so do our menus!

Guardian Brewing Company proudly serves local, regional, and fresh foods whenever possible. With spring happily here and summer fast approaching, we made a few food menu changes that will be available starting May 1. Please check out our new menu items below and get excited for more changes to come this summer, as more food items become “in season” and available. (If you don’t see your favorite menu items, please don’t fret! They will most likely make a return next fall and winter. For now, long live Michigan summer!)

As far as changes in our beer menu goes, we will have two new beers join the ranks as soon as a few beers are finished. Please welcome “Matagot” French Saison, a tropical and spicy aroma-ed beer that smells like running through a field of wildflowers, and “Vanilla-corn” (Vanilla Pegacorn) English Brown Porter, made with Mexican vanilla beans.

These beers will be tapped as soon as we wave a temporary goodbye to Tengu Belgian Wit and Raspberry Kraken Hunter Imperial Stout.

Slainte and we hope to see you soon!

Spring Is Finally Here

It’s been a whirlwind three months since we opened our doors at Guardian Brewing Company. We have been joyously overwhelmed by the amount of gratitude felt for all the local and neighborly support since we opened, as opening in winter on the Lakeshore can be a little daunting in its quiet nature and few businesses open year round. We feel as if we saw and experienced the real year-round Saugatuck/Douglas/Fennville/Holland residents. Thank you for supporting us, becoming regulars, joining our mug club, bringing friends and family to our space, and having fun with us through the -30F temps this winter. It makes future winters less daunting and has us even more excited about sun and summer coming quickly. But, for now, we are beginning to see beautiful spring growing in our area…and for us, spring will mean projects!

Projects on the docket include a spring cleaning day (APRIL 1 WE ARE CLOSED ALL DAY), chef’s gardens, more painting, brush trimming, and of course, a patio for outside dining and eating (complete with YARD GAMES!). I live for a game of bocce, really. We’re excited to work with Ed Z. from Gen 1 Architectural again with our patio plans and cannot wait to sip a cold one from our new patio bar with you, as soon as we can get it all built! In the meantime, thanks for your patience and see you at the brewery. We’re open every day and hours are the same until summertime.


~Kim and Team Guardian

Guardian Brewing Moves Optimistically Toward Opening Late 2018

Hello again, Guardian fans! It’s been a while since we shared updates on our project and it’s been a long road since the beginning of our build-out this summer. Despite extremely long waiting times at the MLCC (will approve our liquor license any day now) and the DEQ (will approve our brewery and restaurant to run on septic early November), Guardian continues to build out their property at the old Red Barn site.

We thought we would share some (before, during, and after) interior and exterior photos of updates, as our team continues to build a custom bar and custom booths covered in old Red Barn Theater flooring, paint all surfaces, install beautiful long-draw draft lines hidden in a barn beam, set-up offices for our management team, and organize our auxiliary kitchen. (Click on photos below to see a slide show.)

We will let the community know when our grand openings will occur as soon as we get a few more permits and inspections approved.

Thank you all again for your unwavering support. You making us feel sincerely appreciated and welcome in our community.

Craft beer is coming soon and we cannot wait to share it all with you.

Progress Is Good

Hello, all! We’ve been chugging away at the brewery property and thought we would share a few updates and photos.

The breezeway between the buildings is no longer. It is the only part of the building that will be completely removed. In its place, we are building a restaurant and bar area to seat 80 patrons, complete with 19 beer taps, 1 cider tap, 2 wine taps, and local liquor to complement the fresh food from our kitchen.

Breezeway_change copy

The Red Barn’s event center is now our brewhouse and Phase 1 auxiliary kitchen. This building will house a 10-barrel direct-fire brewhouse from Premier Stainless. We are installing a Reverse Osmosis system (for the best brewery water possible), five fermentation tanks, an 800 square foot walk-in cooler, a classroom, and plenty of room for a variety barrels (Bourbon, Rye, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Wine, etc.).

Our auxiliary kitchen will serve freshly made sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps, charcuterie, and cheese plates until we build our large commercial kitchen in Phase 2.

BreweryBuilding_change copy

The theater seating area has also changed drastically. We pulled up the seating area floorboards and set them aside to build our bar and elements of our restaurant, so look out for the iconic theater’s row letters and beautiful 70-year-old wood.

Phase 2 of our build out will include using the old practice stage area for a large, commercial kitchen. For now, we will be using part of the area for bathrooms and a hallway to future areas of the building.

Theater_change copy

We look forward to sharing more updates with you as we progress. Thanks again for your continued support! Beer is coming.



Guardian Brewing Company Celebrates Groundbreaking in Saugatuck

PRESS RELEASE: Guardian Brewing Company Celebrates Groundbreaking in Saugatuck

June 15, 2018 – Saugatuck, Michigan’s future brewery, restaurant, and event center has it’s long awaited groundbreaking. Located at 3657 63rd St., Saugatuck, Michigan, Guardian Brewing Company is happy to announce that construction began this week on the site of the historic Red Barn Theater.

Gen 1 Architecture and CL Construction will help bring this vision to reality. “We are excited to begin the transformation of an iconic venue into a place that everyone can enjoy again,” said Owner and Head Brewer, Kim Collins. “We have a lot of work ahead of us in order to get this place transformed, but we have an excellent team and are confident of the outcome.”

Because of the magnitude of the project, it will be divided into phases with the first being the brewery, taproom, and limited-menu auxiliary kitchen. The second phase will focus on a full kitchen build-out, the old barn event space, outdoor patio, and yurts. The remaining changes to the property are in the planning stages, but may include vegetable and herb gardens, walking paths, and landscaped spaces to explore. Guardian Brewing Company has also acquired the twenty-three acres across the street and will work with the community and Laketown Township to determine the transformation of the existing farm field into a beautiful and inviting landscape.

Guardian Brewing Company plans to incorporate a music theme to the historic nature of the existing theater and will start with twenty taps of beer, hard cider, wine, and signature cocktails. The menu will be limited until expansion on a full, open kitchen, but will prove to bring as much fresh and local options as possible. “We are really excited about the first phase of this project. We are excited to be a formidable addition to West Michigan and are happy to be an establishment that will contribute year-round offerings to the community,” said Collins. “We hope to have a significant social and economic impact on the area by providing a unique place to enjoy great beer and food and through year-round employment and philanthropic contributions.”

Guardian Brewing Company is scheduled to open in December 2018 and will begin hiring employees in October. For more information, stay tuned for updates on the brewery’s website,

Dr. Catharine F. Bishop
General Manager, Guardian Brewing Company

2018-05-09 13.30.01

(From left to right: Tom Collins – Guardian Brewing Company, Ed Zwyghuizen – Gen1 Architectural Group, Kim Collins – Guardian Brewing Company, Steven Uhlarik – Clark Street Real Estate, Brian Lamar – CL Construction)


New Ownership for Saugatuck’s Red Barn Theater


PRESS RELEASE – December 18, 2017 – Holland, Michigan – New ownership of the Red Barn Theater located at 3657 63rd St., Saugatuck, Michigan was made official on December 13, 2017. By the end of 2018, the site will be transformed into Guardian Brewing Company and open to the public. This location will offer a restaurant, brewery, event space, and yurt rentals to the community and area visitors. Once all the necessary formalities were met, the Laketown Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved the proposal by Guardian Brewing Company.

Owner and head brewer, Kim Collins, shared her vision for the future of the Red Barn Theater site, “I want to transform the historical red barn theater into a community gathering space focusing on all the good things this area has to offer. We are looking to make this a craft beer destination like none other in Michigan.” Collins will be working closely with Ed Zwyghuizen at Gen1 Architectural Group to help with the transformation of the building into a space that the community will enjoy while maintaining some of the aesthetics of the theater’s history.

The project will progress in phases with emphasis on the restaurant and brewery first and then focusing on yurts and the event space in early 2019. Collins plans to pair an eclectic menu with fresh craft beer made on site and is excited to get started.

Information about Guardian Brewing Company and its progress over the next year can be found at

Dr. Catharine F. Bishop
General Manager, Guardian Brewing Company


Laketown Township Approves Liquor License for Guardian Brewing Company

PRESS RELEASE: September 13, 2017 – Holland, Michigan – The Laketown Township Board of Trustees unanimously supported a liquor license request from Guardian Brewing Company, LLC. The liquor license is a key component to bringing a future restaurant, brewery, and event center to Laketown Township. A brief presentation was shared by beverage industry attorney, William H. Franks, on behalf of the entire brewing company team and was well received by the Township Board and attending residents.

Located at 3657 63rd St., Saugatuck, Michigan, Guardian Brewing Company plans to finalize the purchase of the historic Red Barn Theater and continue the tradition of providing a space for entertainment and community fellowship. The issuance of the liquor license allows the applicant to offer patrons the opportunity to choose their beverage during their visit.

With plans to fully open in Fall 2018, the year-round establishment focuses on providing a unique destination to enjoy delicious food and quality craft beer. Owner and head brewer, Kim Collins, expressed her excitement and gratitude about moving the project forward. “We are grateful to have found a home for our brewery in Laketown Township and are very much looking forward to building out the beautiful, historical Red Barn property. Thanks to Al Meshkin for providing guidance during this process and thanks to the Township Board for understanding our vision clearly and approving our license.”

Information about Guardian Brewing Company and its progress over the next year can be found at


Dr. Catharine F. Bishop, General Manager, Guardian Brewing Company


We’re moving to Michigan!

CO to MI_Guardian

After 19 months of searching through 100 properties near Saugatuck, MI, we’re excited to announce that we finally are under contract on a property (details TBA) in Saugatuck, MI and will be moving there to make our brewpub dreams come true in June. We have a strong team helping us work through surveys and zoning for our property and we look forward to sharing our progress as it happens.

Why Michigan you may ask? With our roots being in the Midwest and having spent weekends of our childhood playing in the Great Lakes, we knew it would be a great destination. Then, coupled with Michigan’s phenomenal craft beer scene, we knew our unique project had its home.

Thanks so much for being fans of Guardian so early on in our progress and we will be in touch so we can meet at the taproom for a pint when we’re open.

Slainte and Cheers to all. More about this awesome update and our progress soon. ~Kim


Why Does Guardian Brewing Want to Sell A Crowler To You?


Mock up of one of our Crowler label designs

What is a Crowler?

Crowlers are 32 ounce (1 liter), fully sealed, aluminum cans, just like the high quality ones used in the craft beer industry now.

Why will Guardian sell Crowlers?

We believe in providing an exceptional craft beer experience for all our customers. Dixie Canner explains how Crowlers can do this better than other containers.

  • Crowlers are dependable. Properly seamed Crowlers keep out taste-destroying light and oxygen, and the water-based polymer interior coating means no metal tang to disturb the unique flavors of your brew.
  • Crowlers are portable. Welcome where glass containers are not, aluminum Crowlers are lightweight, shatterproof, and pack easily in coolers. They’re perfect for camping, fishing, concerts, tailgates, and other outdoor activities.
  • Crowlers are sustainable. Crowlers are made from a majority of recycled material and are fully recyclable themselves. Just toss empty Crowlers into the recycling bin, no deposit or sterilization required.

Will Guardian still fill my 64-ounce Growler or 32-ounce Growlette?

Of course we will! We also want to offer another package for visitors wanting to purchase a beer that is totally sealed (will lat longer in the fridge than Growlers) and more affordable that traditional Growlers (if you don’t bring your own bottle). We will have all of the beer choices and prices available at the bar, no matter what container you will use.


Where did Crowlers come from?

The Crowler was co-developed by Oskar Blues and Ball Canning, in Longmont, Colorado. Since its debut, the Crowler has been seen on sandy beaches, packed for outdoor adventures, and brought home in suitcases from the beer nerds around the USA. Get yours at Guardian Brewing in the future and try it out on your own adventure.

How does a Crowler Machine work?

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