As seasons change, so do our menus!

Guardian Brewing Company proudly serves local, regional, and fresh foods whenever possible. With spring happily here and summer fast approaching, we made a few food menu changes that will be available starting May 1. Please check out our new menu items below and get excited for more changes to come this summer, as more food items become “in season” and available. (If you don’t see your favorite menu items, please don’t fret! They will most likely make a return next fall and winter. For now, long live Michigan summer!)

As far as changes in our beer menu goes, we will have two new beers join the ranks as soon as a few beers are finished. Please welcome “Matagot” French Saison, a tropical and spicy aroma-ed beer that smells like running through a field of wildflowers, and “Vanilla-corn” (Vanilla Pegacorn) English Brown Porter, made with Mexican vanilla beans.

These beers will be tapped as soon as we wave a temporary goodbye to Tengu Belgian Wit and Raspberry Kraken Hunter Imperial Stout.

Slainte and we hope to see you soon!

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ART + BEER = INKYBEER Inky Beer was born out of the desire to make conscious connections between beer and art (mostly graffiti and tattoos) in our travels. Join Dr. B and Kim as we embark on our new adventure, meeting new people and cataloging their ink and love of beverages for your enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “As seasons change, so do our menus!

  1. You did it! What an adventure & a helluva lot of work, I’m sure! Hopefully, I’ll get up there for a visit soon as it all looks delicious! Yours Truly, Christi, Austin, deep in the heart of Texas!

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