Weekly Beer Specials

We make independent craft beer.

We are a small, local brewery that produces full flavor craft beer and is 100% privately owned. We choose the suppliers that provide ingredients that go into our recipes and have the ability to create innovative beers that celebrate our independence.

We focus on brewing with real ingredients.

Guardian chooses to use actual fruit, spices, and other ingredients in our beer recipes versus using the various extracts on the market. We know it gives our beer flavors that are true to the ingredients used. Our beer tastes like the beer description and recipe every time. We take pride in processing and mixing natural and actual ingredients into our beer. Because of this, we recommend any fruited beer from Guardian be drank fresh, not aged.

We are passionate about barrel-aged and session beer.

Guardian is a destination craft brewery with ten year-round and twelve rotating taps. We brew a wide variety of beer styles that are made traditionally or have a modern twist to the recipe. With twenty-two taps at Guardian, you’re sure to find the beer you seek.

Order beer to-go online by clicking here.

Guardian sells kegs (1/6 or 1/2 barrel) to go! See link above.

NOTE: All beers shown below are styles we have brewed at Guardian Brewing Company, but not all beers below are on tap right now.

Crisp, Light, & Fruity Beer Styles

Vegan styles include: Rabbittown, Matagot, Alpen, Ningen

Hoppy Beer Styles

Vegan styles include: Gold Phoenix, Chimera, Nessie, Truth Seeker, Saugatuck Pride, Sarimanok

Coffee Beer Styles

Vegan styles include: Bete Grise, NCV

Malty & Roasty Beer Styles

Vegan styles include: Villainess, Mama Squatch, Vanillacorn, Clurichaun, Coconut Vanillacorn, Pegacorn

Tart & Sour Beer Styles

Vegan styles include: Authentic Style, Tequila Nokken, Nokken, Sour Cherry Matagot

Barrel Aged Beer Styles

Vegan styles include: Barn Burner, She-Shed Shindig, Hairy Buffalo

Just For Fun

Vegan styles include: Minthe Nymph


Vegan styles include: Kween (Brewery Vivant collab), Jefferson Bluestar (MyGrain Brewing collab)

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