Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer Collaboration in Denver


On January 4, 2017, Black Sky Brewery, Guardian Brewing Company and a host of other beer friends brewed a collaboration beer for the upcoming Inauguration Day on January 20, 2017. The recipe was developed by Lila Mackey (Black Sky Brewery) and Kim Collins (Guardian Brewing Company) and is a Black Belgian Saison with Peppercorns and Belgian Saison yeast.

I chose to have Guardian Brewing participate in this collaboration project because the initial call out felt like a friend asking for help. This friend has a heart of gold and wants to help all types of people in need. We have no idea what the next four years or the future will bring, but we can try harder to help others, especially strangers. We will probably never meet the people receiving our donations, but that does not mean that we are not connected more from this day on. We are choosing to step up to our future, as well as our community, and meet it with a smile and a purpose.

What is “Makin’ Noise” A Pussy Riot Beer”?

The beer is named after Pussy Riot, the Russian punk band and political activist performance group that spawned a movement that has gained new fans in the United States.

“The goal is to effect change through art with whatever tools you have. We are brewers, so our tool is beer.” (Bess Dougherty)

logosOur Mission Statement:

We believe in an America that celebrates its diversity, an America that protects and supports anyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender, identity, race, religious views or immigration status. We condemn the hate that has always existed against marginalized groups and we will not stand for the new strong wave hitting our country. We felt it necessary to take action and decided to use our art to make our voices heard.

We are coming out in support of those most at risk in our community and doing what we can to stand together as a united voice against hate and intolerance. This beer works to combat the hate and oppression while also lending support and solidarity to the fight for equality.

We believe in this beautiful community and we feel it is necessary to work together to protect it.

We are asking that at least $1.00 from every pint sold at each participating brewery will go towards a charity that supports those most at risk in our community. We are also working with our partners for tap takeovers to ensure that proceeds from those events also go towards the proposed charities.

“Despite a kneejerk reaction to assume that an inauguration day release insinuates a protest to Trump. However, our only desire for this beer to to insight a larger sense of community and to stand up against injustice.” (Kelissa Hieber, Goldspot Brewing)

Five breweries chose to host brew days for the Pussy Riot Beer Series and they chose to support:

In addition, the Colorado Plus Brew Pub in Wheat Ridge plans to tap all five beers a week later, on January 28, and donate at least $1 per beer sale to a fifth charity. Join us any of the five host breweries or at C+ for some delicious beer and make a difference for another in need.

Read the entire story about “Makin’ Noise: A Pussy Riot Beer” collaboration here:

  • Denver Westword – original article about the first brewing collaboration and project mission
  • Porch Drinking – article about all breweries participating in collaboration as well as thoughtful discussion about women in beer, naming beers, and activism through beer


Brew Day Photos from Black Sky and Guardian Brewing Collaboration

Brew Day Photos from Lady Justice Brewing

Official Event Media



Guardian Brewing Company’s Head Brewer won the PSU Business of Craft Beer Scholarship for 2017


With a heart full of gratitude for the thoughtful women at the Pink Boots Society, and with so much excitement, Kim just found out that she was awarded the Portland State University “Business of Craft Brewing Certificate Scholarship,” beginning in January! (Click here to learn more about Kim and the scholarship.)



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2017 ICWBD Unite Brew Participants Map


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I am a Certified Cicerone!

Hey, craft beer fans! I wanted to let you know that as of today, I am a Certified Cicerone. This means that I will build thoughtfully executed food and beer pairings for our taproom and keep educating myself to be a better brewer.

What is a Cicerone (sis-uh-rohn), you ask? Well, it’s the equivalent of a wine sommelier for beer. According to the Cicerone certifying body,

“Anyone can call themselves an expert on beer. But when consumers want great beer they need help from a server who really knows beer flavors, styles, and service. They also want to buy beer from a place that understands proper storage and serving so the beer they drink will taste the way it should. Too often great beer is harmed by improper handling and service practices.

In the wine world, the word “sommelier” designates those with proven expertise in selecting, acquiring and serving fine wine. At one time, some beer servers adopted the title “beer sommelier” to tie into the credibility of the wine world. But in the years since its founding, the Cicerone® Certification Program has become the industry standard for identifying those with significant knowledge and professional skills in beer sales and service. The Cicerone Certification Program offers independent assessment and certification so that industry professionals—as well as consumers—can be sure of the knowledge and skills possessed by current and prospective beer servers.

The Certified Cicerone exam is a rigorous four-hour examination of beer knowledge. The tasting portion of the exam requires identification of beer styles, flaws and service problems.  The extensive written exam covers knowledge about beer service and draft systems, beer styles, brewing, and pairing beer with food.  Candidates also perform a demonstration involving an aspect of beer service.  A score of 80 is required to pass and candidates often spend several months preparing for the exam. Only about 200 individuals pass this second level certification each year.

Those who pass the Certified Cicerone exam are mature beer professionals who make suitable candidates for on-premises beer program managers, beverage managers, distributor craft/specialty sales personnel and brewery sales and management representatives.”

See you around tasty beer. Yes, it’s obvious, but that’s where you can find me. Cheers!

What’s a yurt?

We are often asked… “What is a yurt?”

For those that are curious about how the brewery planning is coming along, Guardian Brewing Company is getting closer to having a brewpub and destination to share with you.

Guardian will provide visitors with one of the most unique brewery experiences in the USA. (The brewery plus lodging concept is still rare in the USA.) We will have a 10-barrel brewery, restaurant, recreational games (like disc golf, giant Jenga, Cornhole, Horseshoes, and other lawn games for free!), and yurt rentals. Yes, all that fun stuff, all on ONE property!

Guardian yurts will be available to rent for a night or weekend. They will have couple beds, a table/counter, electricity, air conditioning for the summer, heat for the winter, and a private bath and shower (for use and comfort year-round!).

A traditional yurt (from the Turkics)… is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. The structure comprises an angled assembly or latticework of pieces of wood or bamboo for walls, a door frame, ribs (poles, rafters), and a wheel (crown, compression ring) possibly steam-bent. The roof structure is often self-supporting, but large yurts may have interior posts supporting the crown. The top of the wall of self-supporting yurts is prevented from spreading by means of a tension band which opposes the force of the roof ribs. Modern yurts may be permanently built on a wooden platform; they may use modern materials such as steam-bent wooden framing or metal framing, canvas or tarpaulin, Plexiglas dome, wire rope, or radiant insulation.

Guardian will provide a unique experience to brewery visitors. When we are closer to opening, we will provide a list of dates and prices for our yurt rentals. Hope to see you soon!




Thirsty German & Green CO2 To Host FREE Educational Sessions at GABF

Green CO2, with the help of Thirtsy German, is proud to hose the International Pink Boots Society Meeting as well as educational sessions open to the public, FREE of charge!

Are you attending GABF? Put us on your agenda: SEPT 25

  • ROOM 601 – inside the Colorado Convention Center
  • Pink Boots Society – KEYNOTE PRESENTATION BY: Lauren Salazaar, New Belgium Brewing! (tickets needed, info below)
  • Industry panels and presentations throughout the day- these are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. NO GABF Ticket is required for entry:
  • 2:00 – 2:30p – Denver Fire Dept – New CO2 Regulations!
  • 2:30 – 3:15p – Green CO2, Upslope Brewing, Algae Bloom – Sustainable CO2 Solutions & Algae farms in breweries
  • 3:15 – 4:00p – Joyride Brewing, Epic Brewing, Dry Drock Brewing, Fiction Brewing — All about perfecting FRUIT BEERS!
  • 4:00 – 4:45p – Kent Bailey from Coppertail Brewing + Nicol Winkler from Oktoberfest Tampa – All about Community Collaborations!
  • 5:00 – 5:30p – Ashleigh Carter from Bierstadt Lagerhaus – Lagering!
  • 5:30 – 6:00p – Dev Adams / Miss Lupulin – Cicerone & BJCP tips & guidelines
  • 6:30 – 7:00p – Kim Collins / Guardian Brewing – Training and Management!

Also happening in the same space…

  • CRAFT BEER ART will be on display by Pink Boots Member and uber-talented: Amanda Willshire from AwdArt!
  • MEDIA WELCOME. Email: for press info.
  • SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES. Have a brand you want to share and market at our event? Email Nicol:

Pink Boots Society Int’l Meeting (event on FB)   w/ link to Tickets (Eventbrite)

The Thirsty German hosts: Green CO2 Hall – Brew Talks  (event on FB)


(Click to enlarge flyer!)

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