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Kim Collins: Owner, Head Brewer, Educator, Adventurer


After years of creative homebrewing, Kim earned her Brewing and Malting Certificate from the Master Brewer’s Association of the Americas. In 2012, Kim began her professional brewing career as a Brewing Apprentice with Tommyknocker Brewing. Through the years, Kim had the opportunity to brew for Boulder Beer, Epic Brewing Company – Denver, Barrels & Bottles Brewery, and Wynkoop Brewing Company. She became a Certified Cicerone in 2016 and uses her training and experiences to produce thoughtful, innovative pairings with our chef, as well as making drinkable, delicious craft beer. To better prepare herself to be a brewery owner, Kim earned a Certificate in the “Business of Craft Brewing” from Portland State University, during the spring of 2017.

When Kim is not brewing, she is playing in the Great Outdoors. She taught in the Outdoor Recreation Departments of Indiana University Bloomington (6 years) and Metropolitan State University of Denver (4 years), focusing on outdoor leadership through canoeing, outdoor ethics, whitewater paddling, hiking, backpacking, event planning, navigation, cross-country skiing, and more.

Why does Kim love craft beer so much?

Kim studied Outdoor Recreation at Indiana University. During her college years, while playing for the IU Women’s Rugby Club, she was able to play matches all over the Midwest and try a lot of different local brewery’s beers. Beer was the only thing to make the post-rugby match pain stop. Her first local craft beer was Upland Wheat, which she remembers fondly, as she and the rugby girls used to sit on the patio in Bloomington and drink pitchers on sunny days. From this, she learned that craft beer had a lot more flavor and depth to offer and she fell deep down the rabbit hole, seeking all different styles of craft beer.

Our other Awesome Staff Members are to be announced!


(Guardian Brewing Company is a registered trademark in the United States of America.)


The women of Guardian Brewing Company proudly belong to the Pink Boots Society, a non-profit organization that “assists, inspires, and encourages women beer professionals through education.”



If you need a brewery, cidery, or distillery event planned by a fun, meticulous, craft beverage lovin’ professional, we recommend Carly Troccolo, owner of Events By The Pint. Carly can plan your next luncheon, awards banquet, or event your craft beer-centric wedding! See her website for her event portfolio.









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Beer & Cider

We are passionate about barrel-aged beer and session beer.

Guardian Brewing Company is a destination craft brewery with several year-round, seasonal, barreled, and cask beer offerings. We will be making craft beer and cider when we open our new location, in Saugatuck, Michigan. Stay tuned to our menu for more information about our year-round and seasonal craft beer offerings.

(Below is a selection of beer recipe ideas, not yet a menu set in stone!)

(Note: ABV is alcohol by volume, or the percentage of alcohol in a drink)

Barrel Aged Craft Beer and Cider

  • Gin Barreled “Nessie” Imperial IPA: A 9% ABV American Imperial India Pale Ale with Mosaic hops, Cascade hops, and Juniper Berries, celebrating the unification of spice and hop aroma with American Oak
  • Anejo Tequila Barreled “Tengu” Wheat Ale: A 6% ABV American Wheat Ale brewed with Tangerines and Lemons. The blend of smoky, Anejo Tequila and wheat beer is crisp and refreshing in the summer
  • Bourbon Barreled “Kraken Hunter” Imperial Stout: An 11% ABV Russian Imperial Stout that is smooth and balanced to drink, with notes of dark chocolate, roastiness, and coffee. Bourbon Barrel aging this beer with and without fruit, coffee, other spices, will be a mainstay in our annual calendar
  • Bourbon and Brandy Barreled & Blended “Mountain Howler” Stout: An 8% ABV creamy, Sweet Stout with lactose, chocolate and roasted malts, and cocoa nibs. Blending vanilla with the deep, dark fruit flavor of Brandy will encourage the cocoa nibs to show their breadth of flavor
  • Red Wine Barreled “Pegacorn” Porter: A 7% ABV classic American porter boasting roasty flavors and drinkability. This beer will feature local cold-brewed coffee to round out the flavor profile. These flavors, mixed with the earthiness of red wine, brings the coffee profile to a new level
  • Whiskey Barreled Cinnamon Cider : A 7% ABV cider aged in a American Whiskey Barrels with a slightly spicy flavor and dry mouthfeel, combined with the flavor of vanilla, cinnamon, and oak…reminiscent of a Craft Cider “Fireball”

Session Beer

  • “The Littlest Unicorn” Session Ale: A 4.2% ABV Kettle Sour Golden Ale brewed with Black Lemons and White Pepper
  • Chimera” Pale: A 5% dry, crisp, American Pale Ale with grapefruit aroma and balanced bitterness
  • Tengu” Wheat Ale: A 4.8% American Wheat Ale brewed with Tangerines

Standard and High ABV Craft Beers

  • “Gold Phoenix” IPA: A 6.5% ABV a well-balanced India Pale Ale that boasts bright flavors, citrusy hops, a dry body, and medium bitterness
  • Kraken Hunter” Imperial Stout: A 10% ABV Russian Imperial Stout that is smooth drinking, with notes of dark chocolate, roastiness, and coffee
  • “Mountain Howler” Stout: A 6.8% ABV creamy, Sweet Stout with lactose, chocolate and roasted malts, and cocoa nibs
  • Pegacorn” Porter: A 5.8% ABV classic American porter boasting roasty flavors and drinkability. This beer will feature local cold-brewed coffee to round out the flavor profile
  • Nessie” Imperial IPA: An 8% ABV American Imperial India Pale Ale with Mosaic hops, Cascade hops, and Juniper Berries, celebrating the unification of spice and hop aroma

Craft Cider

  • Chapman’s Seed Semi-Dry Cider: A 4.8% ABV apple cider that is semi-dry and easily drinkable



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Our menus will be posted here when they are developed.

  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Brunch


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Our brewery will become a destination for craft beer lovers. To do this, we will provide yurts to rent overnight. The details and pricing will be found here as soon as we are ready to host you and your group! (What is a yurt?)

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Brewery Consulting

Since 2015, Guardian Brewing Company has offered consulting services to breweries in need. To discuss your project needs further, please email Kim Collins at guardianbrewingco@gmail.com.

We can discuss where your needs and her skills intersect, as well as timelines and fees for your project.

We offer the following types of consulting projects:

  • Cicerone pairings for restaurant or special events/beer dinners
    • Permanent menu pairings with flagship beers
    • Tasting menu creations for special events (food, beer, and cider)
  • Beer-making services
    • Local ingredient procurement
    • Hop contracts
    • Grain/malt contracts
    • Recipe development and pricing
  • Research, Pricing, and Initial Planning/Set-Up
    • Brewery chemical needs and use
    • Equipment layout and procurement
    • Brewery design and installation
    • Recipe and packaging pricing and planning
  • Graphic Design and Marketing (for events, beer brands, and other business needs)
    • Website creation and domain mapping
    • Mailers (paper and electronic)
    • Custom beer, bar, and food menus
    • Individual social media posts
    • Social media site maintenance
    • Flyers, posters, and brochures
    • Infographics for web and print

Current projects include:

 Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 12.19.49 PM.png Menus for Executive Chef at MyGrain Brewing Company
 hrbc-logo Hop River Brewing Company

Fort Wayne, Indiana

 MyGrain-SquareWtext_Lines My Grain Brewing Company

Joliet, Illinois












Previous clients:


Factotum BrewHouse,

Denver, Colorado


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