Guardian Changes Name of Golden Ale to “Rabbittown”

Guardian is committed to building a community and creating conversations around diversity and inclusion. We believe that our community is stronger when we listen and understand the stories of others. The diversity and inclusion found at Guardian makes our team more supportive, creative, and progressive.

Very recently, a regular customer sent Kim a message about Guardian’s “Gator Bait” Golden Ale name. Turns out, the name has a deep history in racism affecting people of color in the South.

“Gator Bait” Golden Ale was Guardian’s second recipe made in 2018. The name “Gator Bait” has a special meaning to Kim’s family, as it was the name of her grandma’s fishing boat. Marie would fish in her community’s pond in Florida, in a small metal boat, alongside an alligator that lived in the pond. Marie named her boat “Gator Bait,” as she knew the gator would try to steal any fish she caught OR with one swipe of a paw could knock her into the pond and she would be its bait.

We will not support breweries or beer names with Racist roots.

Even though “Gator Bait” Golden Ale was named innocently and sweetly after Kim’s grandma’s fishing boat, it does not mean that the name does not hurt a large population of people.

Guardian’s Golden Ale is brewed to be everyone’s beer. It’s light, easy-drinking at 4.5% ABV, not too hoppy, not too sweet…like a perfect lager, but made with English Ale yeast to add a slight fruity character to the aroma. This Golden Ale is also one we want to keep providing to our community under $5.00 a pint. This is important because oftentimes, certain segments of populations feel the high price of craft beer makes it hard to enjoy regularly.

The Future of Our Golden Ale

Guardian’s Golden Ale is our top seller year-round. We plan on providing the same recipe you love and availability. The only thing that is changing is the name.

Kim wanted to keep all of her good Collins’ family memories wrapped up in this beer, but do it in a different way, under a different name.

Marie’s last day fishing with her entire family in Hilton Head

The beer formerly known as “Gator Bait” Golden Ale will now be called “Rabbittown” Golden Ale. Rabbittown is another name for Danville, IL. Kim’s Dad was raised in Danville with his four siblings. Naming our ale Rabbittown allows us to honor the sweet memories that we had with grandparents Marie and Everett, but also extends the honor to the whole Collins family raised in Danville.

Thank you for understanding as we transition to Rabbittown’s new name. We know it will take a little time to get used to, but we know Rabbittown will fit the goal of this beer well going forward while staying true to our commitment to inclusion and anti-racism.

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