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$1.00 off ANY SIZE OF BEER, all day. Pair it with Happy Hour (3-6PM) and get 10% off apps and $4 pints of any beer under 8.5% ABV.

Welcome to Guardian’s Mug Club! We have three levels of craft beer experiences to choose from in 2021. We have a limited supply of memberships available each year. Sales of memberships begin in December each year.

All purchases are first come, first serve. Mug Club members must be 21 years or older by date of purchase. Memberships ONLY include Guardian beer, NO CIDER. *Mugs may be filled with any beer that is 8.5% ABV and lower. All Mug Club Membership sales are final and non-refundable.

2021 Mug Club Memberships are SOLD OUT

All sales are first come, first serve. You can choose from any of the three levels below. Please sign up in-person or over the phone at 269-543-2238.

All 2020 Memberships are extended to Saint Patrick’s Day 2021 due to time lost during Covid-19 quarantine. 2021 Renewals are 25% off.

12/20: SOLD OUT

1/21: SOLD OUT

1/30: SOLD OUT

Mug Club FAQs

When can I get my first Mug Club fill?
December 31, 2020

When can I pick up my 2021 Mug Club card?
You can swing by Guardian 7 days a week, between 12-8 PM, to pick up your card. Introduce yourself to any of our servers and please show them your license, and we will bring your card to you. 

Do I need to bring my card to Guardian each time I visit?
Since we have 100 Mug Club members, please be ready to show your server your card for your first few visits until all servers know your membership level by heart, even if you’ve been a member for the past two years!

When do I get to take my mug home?
2020 mugs can be taken home beginning December 31, 2020. 2021 mug pick-up date will be announced in December 2021.

I forgot to pick up my 2020 Mug Club Shirt…is it still available?
Yes, it is! We keep the shirts labeled and safely aside for your return. Just tell your server your name and they can retrieve your shirt during any visit.

When do we get our 2021 Mug Club Shirts?
Guardian usually has sold all memberships and has shirts printed in March. Stay tuned for details!

When can I start redeeming my stickers, patch, Crowlers, appetizers, flight, etc. per my membership level?
You can begin as soon as December 31, 2020 and collect as many of your card benefits in one visit as you like.

When is Mug Club day?
Wednesdays are Mug Club Day at Guardian, all day from 12-8PM. This means all Mug Club members get $1 off ANY size beer (4 oz., 9 oz., 15 oz., or 20 oz.) all day. If you visit during Happy Hour, you will get the better of the two discounts, but not twice the discount.

How long does my 2020 membership last?
March 17, 2021 is the last day for 2020 Mug Club members that did not renew.

How long does my 2021 membership last?
2021 Mug Club Memberships last until December 31, 2021.

I renewed my 2020 membership…which membership do I use on December 31?
Use whichever one gives you the discount you want!

What beverages can I get in my mug?
Mug Club members can choose from ANY beer that Guardian makes under 8.5% ABV as a mug fill. We DO NOT allow cider or other beverages in mugs as we do not make them in house.

When I’m not visiting Guardian, can my friend/partner/ spouse/dog/etc. use my mug?
No. Mug Club memberships are only for the individuals that signed up for them.

How will I know when there are Mug Club Socials or Special Beer Releases?
Join the Guardian Mug Club Members group on Facebook to stay up to date with all things going on in the brewhouse.

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