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Guardian Brewing Company’s Brand Revealed

Guardian Brewing Company is very excited to release our official logos and brand! We worked with a company named 99 Designs to run a logo competition. Thanks to Alexandru, we have a beautiful pegacorn-adorned logo to share with you a little more about who we are.

Our company tagline is “Quality, Innovation, Destination.” At Guardian, we will provide a truly unique brewery experience for all. At our brewing facility (location TBA), we will:

Many people ask, “Why a pegacorn?” and “What is a pegacorn?” A pegacorn is a mythical creature that is part unicorn and part pegasus. According to one source, “unicorns symbolize being open to the infinite possibilities around you…they give us the eyes to see the possibilities and the wisdom to take advantage of them.”  Pegasus’ “symbolize the desire to aspire to the greatest heights of accomplishment.”

When our community thinks of collaboration, aspiration, dedication, and passion, they will think of our crew at Guardian Brewing Company!  When we’re open, please stop by and say hello! We cannot wait to meet you.



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